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If you run a organisation, business or company and wish to be shown in the Gun Shops and Gunsmiths listing then please contact the inLoughborough team. 'inLoughborough' is the busiest Loughborough based website containing complete listings for all business and organisations including 'Gun Shops and Gunsmiths'. Basic listings in this (Gun Shops and Gunsmiths) and other categories is free.

Gun Shops and Gunsmiths Loughborough

Further Information on Gun Shops and Gunsmiths

Looking for a gun or a fishing rod? Maybe you need some bullets or some bait? If you are looking for a new shotgun or perhaps a catch net the Loughborough directory of Gun Shops and Fishing Tackle Shops will provide you with what you are looking for. Here you will find a selection of associated items such as specialist cleaning material to decoy ducks and whistles. If you are the outdoor sort of person, be it pheasant shooting or trout fishing, there will be a shop in Charnwood that will help you on  your way to getting your food from the countryside . So if you are looking for any of the following items:

  • Shotguns or rifles
  • Ammunition
  • nets rods and other tackle

  • Clay pidgeons
  • cartridges
  • decoy ducks and whistles
  • hunting knives
  • specialist oils and cloths for cleaning
  • catapults
  • repairs and specialst advice
  • bait
  • a professional service offering friendly advice

then keep your trade in Loughborough – there is someone to help you here in our local town