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Further Information on Massage

There are many types of massage that are available and can be used for a variety of reasons. Typically it is used to relieve pain, alleviate stress, promote healing and aid relaxation. Various techniques are used to achieve this including pressure and friction. It works by increasing the circulation of the blood through the tissues which help the removal of wastes and also increase the amount of oxygen that is reaching the muscles. It can also promote circulation in the lymphatic system and possibly also release endorphins that make us feel good.

There is a reasonable amount of evidence that massage relieves stress, pain and anxiety, it can also help in lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

There are various forms of massage that are available, these include Swedish Massage, Sports Massage (which can be similar to Remedial Massage), Lymphatic Massage (to get your lymph moving), Biodynamic massage, Baby Massage and Ayurvedic Massage.

The massage therapist has a variety of techniques that are available for carrying out massage which include effleurage, petrissage, friction, compression and tapotement. The technique or techniques they will use will depend on what is trying to be achieved to either the body as a whole or a particular muscle. For example friction may be used if the aim is to reduce scar tissue due to a past injury, whilst vigorous tapotement might be used for an athlete who is about to compete.

Massage typically involves oil, however powders can be used in certain circumstances. Friction can even be used through clothes. As a personal recommendation, try using vegetable based oils rather than mineral oils (e.g. Baby Oil) if you wish to give massage a try yourself. One of the team members at inLoughboruogh is a qualified sports massage therapist and all the top sports massage therapists would never use mineral oils.

Certain people shouldn’t have massage, typically it is not recommended if you have a skin disorder or injury, broken or brusied skin, varicose veins, DVT or if you are suffering from an infection. You should however only choose a massage therapist who is qualified as being able to advice on if you should have a massage is part of their training and they will be able to advise you more completely on this issue.