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Are you looking for some medical help for your pet? The person to call is the local veterinary surgeon, more frequently abbreviated to vet. Loughborough boasts numerous vets who can offer help with your dog or cat, or even your small animals such as gerbils, hamster or rat. They will be able to examine your animal, diagnose the problem, prescribe the appropriate medicine and dispense it for you. And the amazing thing is it is normally quicker to get an appointment at your vets than it is your GP. So the next time your pooch needs his vaccinations check the Loughborough guide to vets and veterinary surgeons to find the local professional to help.

If you need help about vets then the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is the body responsible for veterinary surgeons. Their purpose is to:

    • To safeguard the health and welfare of animals committed to veterinary care through the regulation of the educational, ethical and clinical standards of the veterinary profession, thereby protecting the interests of those dependent on animals and assuring public health.
    • To act as an impartial source of informed opinion on animal health and welfare issues and their interaction with human health.