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Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd

Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd

Unit 8, Loughborough Technology Centre, Epinal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3GE


Description:Awesome web design and multimedia company

Website:Cuttlefish Multimedia Website

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Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd is a awesome creative web design and multimedia company that has been based in Loughborough, Leicestershire in the UK's East Midlands since 2001. They create media-rich content managed websites using their own cCMS (CMS: Content Management System) and communityPortals website management systems. They work with clients ranging from large plcs and councils through to local businesses, community groups and arts organisations.

They specialise in building 'content managed' websites that allow our clients to maintain their own web pages via simple-to-use tools. Their other services include creating e-commerce systems, internet video, dual language sites, social networking and Internet consultancy.

They have developed their our own multimedia Content Management Systems (CMSs). 'communityPortals' is widely used in many small and large-scale installations and its users number in the thousands. It is utilised by their clients in local government, commerce, the arts and even by Andy Reed the Member of Parliament for Loughborough. 'cCMS' provides a state of the art framework for building 'Web 2.0' sites and is used as the 'back-end' for many sophisticated Web sites.

screenshot of interdesigns website

We checked their website for accuracy with the W3C validation service on 22nd August 2009 and that reported that their website wascompliant.

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