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Loughborough Fair

Posted on 24/10/2007
P. Klein

Loughborough FunFairThe first fair in Loughborough was granted its Royal Charter in 1221. Todays fairs, not recognisable from those back in the 13th Century have a serious emphasis on fun and in a couple of weeks the Fair will be returning to Loughborough.

The fair will be open between the following times:

  • Wednesday 7th November 2007, 6.00pm " 11.00pm
  • Thursday 8th November 2007, 12.00pm " 11.00pm (Thursday Market cancelled)
  • Friday 9th November 2007, 11.00am - 11.00pm
  • Saturday 10th November 2007, 11.00am " 11.00pm (Saturday Market cancelled)

In order to squeeze the Fair into our town centre street furniture such as cycle racks and bins will start to be removed from 2nd November 2007.

On Wednesday 7th November 2007 various roads will be closed, starting at 4am and the closure will carry on until 9am on the 11th November 2007. The Roads that will be closed will include: Market Street, Market Place (including A6 between Baxter Gate and Swan Street),  Swan Street (between Market Place and Derby Square), Devonshire Square, Cattle Market, Bedford Square (except for traffic following diversion using Bedford Square (westbound) into Woodgate), South Street, Granby Street (from its junction with Cattle Market to a point 52 metres west of that junction i.e with Packe street) and finally Wards End.

Outside of the fair opening hours people needing to make deliveries to shops will have access.

Expect a lot of photographs appearing in the albums for the 4 days the fair is here!

News report by T. Robson