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A Simple Biodiesel Formula

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A Simple Biodiesel FormulaBy Joseph Then

Biodiesel benefits you in many ways. Most of the time the focus is on the ways it is better than regular fuel, like how it burns cleaner, is cheaper and renewable. However, the most beneficial thing about biodiesel may be that it takes the control away from large companies and puts it in your hands.

You can make biodiesel at home because the biodiesel formula is rather simple to duplicate. You can produce your own fuel and send the big oil companies packing once and for all.

The Concept

The biodiesel formula is quite simple. It involves separating the vegetable oil. Through the biodiesel process the pure oil and the by product glycerin are separated out creating the biodiesel. This chemical process is called transesterification.

The Biodiesel Formula

The ingredients that you need to make biodiesel are vegetable oil, alcohol and lye. You will use a ratio of 75% oil to 22% alcohol and 3% lye. It is the chemical reaction between these ingredients that creates the separation of the biodiesel and the byproduct.

The Process

To make the biodiesel you will do the following:

- Mix the ingredients and let sit for about an hour. You will then see the chemical reaction taking place and the mixture separating. The glycerin will settle at the bottom with the biodiesel at the top.

- You then will pour out the biodiesel.If you used dirty vegetable oil then you will probably need to clean the biodiesel through a H2O wash. Otherwise it is ready to use.

Make sure that all the equipment you use to make biodiesel is only used to make biodiesel and never used in the home. Keep your biodiesel operations separate from cooking areas. This is for your safety. Lye can be quite hazardous and should be handled with care.

This simple process is why making biodiesel at home is something anyone can do. It is also a safe process. The only thing to be careful of is not getting burned by hot oil or by the lye.

Biodiesel is a great alternative to diesel fuel. It can be used straight in any diesel motor without need for conversion or any other changes. Biodiesel is also sold alongside diesel at some filling stations. However, as you have learned making it at home is a cheaper alternative that allows you to keep your hard earned money for yourself.

Biodiesel is a great alternative fuel and it will be great if you can look into the home production of Biodiesel. Find out how you can make biodiesel at home by visiting this website:


Biodiesel Formula

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Biodiesel FormulaBy Ian Pennington

Biodiesel is one of the latest alternative fuels that are used in different parts of the world. This alternative fuel is such a craze in alternative fuel technology not only because it burns cleaner and renewable, however also because of the very simple biodiesel formula that makes it cheaper and easier to make. With the use of proper equipments, making biodiesel fuel does not need any services of the scientists and experts.

Making biodiesel fuel just involves the separation of the vegetable oil. The separation is done chemically through the process called transesterification. This process separates the pure oil and the by product known as glycerin. The process uses lye and alcohol that are mixed with the oil using the biodiesel formula. The formula needs a ratio of 3% lye and 22% alcohol to mix with 75% oil. This very simple process can be done at home. There is no life-threatening chemical reaction in the process. The only thing that you must be careful of is the handling of the hot oil or lye that can burn your skin. Aside from the fine-lye, you can also use other caustic agents such as methanol and sodium hydroxide.

The home-made biodiesel can be used directly on any diesel powered cars. There is no need for some modifications on the car's engine and other components. The biodiesel works like a real diesel only that it uses natural oils from vegetables and other sources such as used cooking oils. Making biodiesel at home is a long time-consuming process that will take much of your time in filtering the used cooking.The biodiesel formula that you use at home is the same formula that is used by the large fuel companies that make biodiesel. The only difference is that they are producing it in large quantities and they are using machineries and top of the line equipments for mass production.

Biodiesel formula is only given to those who want to try making biodiesel at home. You can use the formula if you want to have some experiments. Of course you are not planning to consume all the vegetables in your home or turn your home into a biodiesel plant. This formula can be modified to give a better performing fuel. If you have discovered a new formula that works better than the others, then you can sell it to some bigger companies for mass production and packaging. The company will test your own formula for biodiesel and if found effective you can sell it. Maybe they can give you a credit on their product by having your name on it or not depending on your settlements with the company.

Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

To learn more about biodiesel formula, please visit My Other Car Fuels for current articles and discussions.


Biodiesel Economics 101

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Biodiesel Economics 101By Steve Morse

What Is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a clean source of fuel for diesel engines that utilizes renewable energy sources, either soybeans, palm oil, or some sort of vegetable oil, including waste vegetable oil. It is made through a process that converts these oils into fatty acid methyl esters. Biodiesel can be a complete replacement for diesel, or blended - b100 is 100% biodiesel, b20 is 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel.

Why use biodiesel?

No conversion is necessary for a regular diesel engine to run on biodiesel. Research also shows that there are no performance issues related to the use of biodiesel, either in loss of power or fuel mileage. Further research also shows that its use can help extend the life of the motor by reducing wear on key parts.   The alternative fuel is completely biodegradable and reduces some of the pollutants that are emitted with petroleum diesel usage, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides.

How can biodiesel be obtained?

Biodiesel can be obtained commercially at many gas stations and is usually found in a blend from 5-20 percent biodiesel.  By buying a blend, you can contribute to the biodiesel movementwithout any real sacrifices - it costs the same and doesn't hurt your fuel mileage.

You can also make your own. The process of converting the oil, regardless of the source, can be somewhat tricky, however can be accomplished with a home brew "recipe."  However, with rising fuel prices, making biodiesel yourself appears to be more and more economical. The latest research shows that setting up a small scale biodiesel manufacturing system at home can cost as small as $200 and the fuel can be made for around $1.00 per gallon or slightly less.  While many sites on them web contain recipes and information on making your own biodiesel, you should be careful and do good research before jumping in to this.

For a great resource on making your own b100 biodiesel you can visit For information on other alternative energy solutions has some great resources.